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Welcome to the very first episode of The TechCrunch Podcast! Every week, the new TC podcast will dive into the biggest stories in tech, as told by the writers who penned them. We’ve been developing and iterating on the concept for many months now, so we’re thrilled to finally be able to deliver our first ever full episode, which you can get by subscribing here on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Our first ever show is typical for TechCrunch, since it was recorded mostly on the road at one of our fantastic yearly events – TechCrunch Mobility 2022! If there’s one thing TC is great at, it’s rolling with the punches and improvising on the fly, and we did that with on-location and remote recording, bringing you highlights from the biggest news of the week alongside in-depth interviews with TC’s own Kirsten Korosec and Taylor Hatmaker.

Be sure to subscribe, and leave us a 5-star review with your feedback. We’ll be delivering the TechCrunch Podcast weekly, with fresh interviews from the writers closest to the biggest stories of the week, as well as a roundup of what you need to know for what went down in the wide world of tech.

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