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This week Rachel Holt from Construct Capital and Kevin Bennet from GoCaribou spoke with Kirsten Korsec, TechCrunch’s transportation editor. This TechCrunch Live event was the first our month dedicated to mobility startups — and that includes TechCrunch’s Session: Mobility event this month.

Kevin Bennett started his auto financing company in 2016. It started as MotoRefi, and rebranded in early 2022 to Caribou. But the mission remains: Transforming consumers’ financial relationship with their cars. Since the founding, Bennett has raised $74 million for the company, including early angel funding from Rachel Holt. At the time, she was a rising executive in Uber — a post she left in 2020 when she co-founded Construct Capital. Hear how Bennett pitched early investors, and what investors like Holt can provide to mobility companies.

TechCrunch Live is now available as a podcast! Listen here.

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