Daher delivers first TBM 960 to customer

Daher announced the first delivery of its TBM 960 last week at AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany, less than a month after unveiling the aircraft in the United States at Sun ‘n Fun.

The aircraft was delivered to a German-based customer who is completing his instrument training and will fly with his flight instructor as a pilot until gaining experience in the TBM 960.

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“I’ve always been impressed by the TBM aircraft family’s performance, along with its level of safety and the systems – especially the HomeSafe emergency Autoland,” he explained. “There are less expensive airplanes on the market, but none offers so many systems. And I was extremely pleased to learn that I’m the first customer to take delivery of the new TBM 960.”

Replacing the TBM 940, the fifth TBM evolution will offer upgrades and all-new features, including a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6E-66XT engine, digital e-throttle, and digitally controlled cabin.

At the manufacturer’s recommended cruise speed of 308 kts., the fuel consumption is only 57 gallons per hour, a 10% fuel economy compared to the maximum cruise setting for more sustainability.

The TBM 960 was sold by Rheinland Air Service, a Daher Kodiak and TBM distributor and service center for Germany and Austria.

EASA certification of the TBM 960 was issued on March 2, 2022, with FAA certification currently underway.

“We thank our customer for his confidence in the TBM and the appreciation of our services,” said Nicolas Chabbert, SVP of Daher’s Aircraft Division. “His acquisition confirms that the TBM 960’s efficiency and innovative safety systems match the expectations of our European customers at a time of sustainable development issues and stringent regulations.”

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