an Accor Podcast that Spotlights the Well-Being Transformation

Accor launches a podcast series which will explore ground-breaking topics that share the common thread of having well-being at their heart, with cutting edge speakers from a wide range of expertise. Discover their vision of the state of global well-being and how initiatives across society contribute to a healthier, wealthier ecosystem.

Well-being has become more and more important and is now a priority for people, transforming their way of living and expectations for themselves and those around them. Working and living in a healthier, happier society is now a common goal. Prioritizing well-being is a conscious choice and response to the world as we know it, no longer a trend but an anchored movement reinforced by the pandemic.

The hospitality sector has a major role to play in fostering well-being, bringing wellness across every guest journey with a holistic approach: it goes beyond spa and fitness, it extends from design, to nutrition, quality of sleep, local surroundings…

In line with our vision and poised to play an active role in the future of a wellness-enriched hospitality, Accor launches the Health to Wealth podcast series. It spotlights the importance of integrating well-being in all aspects of daily life and business, for industries, companies and individuals.

EMLYN BROWNGlobal Vice President, Well-Being, Accor

We are excited to debut Health to Wealth and take our mission of care to the next level, convening a diverse group of innovative minds to act as a positive force for change that we hope will inspire mental and physical wholeness and a greater sense of well-being in what is a very complex and ever-changing world.

Health to Wealth brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers and health experts to share the ideas and experiences that are underpinning wellbeing culture and to inspire the transformation and prioritization of well-being promises.

#EPISODE1 : A Feel-good Recipe for Sharing with Saasha Celestial-One

“Health to Wealth” catches up with Saasha Celestial-One, co-founder of food sharing app OLIO. She’s tackling the 40%-plus of the world’s food that’s produced but never eaten, by getting people to share whatever they don’t need – even as little as half a lemon. In this episode, Saasha talks about how she used her business skills to set up OLIO with her partner Tessa Clarke. Sharing makes people feel good, says Saasha, while throwing away edible food can lead to a physical pain. Her mission now is to get a billion people globally to use the app – and reconnect with their common humanity along the way.

#EPISODE2 : Putting Mind over Matter with Wim Hof

“Health to Wealth” catches up with Wim Hof, extreme athlete, motivational coach and founder of the Wim Hof Method. Widely known as The Iceman, Wim’s approach combines immersion in freezing water with a carefully calibrated breathing technique. Together, he asserts, these can increase energy, improve relaxation, boost the body’s immune system and confer a range of health and wellbeing benefits. In this episode you’ll hear about the circumstances that compelled him to jump into the water in the first place, and how the method helped to heal him from trauma and bereavement.

#EPISODE3 : Turning the Digital Tide with Manuel Muniz

“Health to Wealth” catches up with Manuel Muniz, Provost of IE University in Madrid, former Secretary of State for Global Spain, and a leading thinker on the challenges posed by the accelerating adoption of technology. Manuel talks about the risks of tech leading to privacy infringement, loss of liberty, exclusion and wealth inequality, and the steps that governments should take to make it a more positive influence in society. With the right leadership, he says, technology could be an unstoppable force for individual fulfilment and wellbeing. He discusses democracy, responsibility and the power of empathy among leaders as well as his own role in combating the COVID epidemic in Spain.

#EPISODE4 : Making Nutrition your Greatest Asset with Kate Cook

“Health to Wealth” catches up with Kate Cook, nutritionist, wellness expert and founder of the Nutrition Network. In this episode, Kate talks about her work with companies to help them understand the food their people consume and the impact it has on their performance. You’ll learn that balancing hormones – and specifically controlling sugar levels – is vital to individuals maintaining high energy levels, and that companies which eat together and take food seriously will stay together and see other tangible benefits.

About Accor

Accor is a world leading hospitality group consisting of more than 5,300 properties and 10,000 food and beverage venues throughout 110 countries. The group has one of the industry’s most diverse and fully-integrated hospitality ecosystems encompassing more than 40 luxury, premium, midscale and economy hotel brands, entertainment and nightlife venues, restaurants and bars, branded private residences, shared accommodation properties, concierge services, co-working spaces and more. Accor’s unmatched position in lifestyle hospitality – one of the fastest growing categories in the industry – is led by Ennismore, a joint venture, which Accor holds a majority shareholding. Ennismore is a creative hospitality company with a global collective of entrepreneurial and founder-built brands with purpose at their heart. Accor boasts an unrivalled portfolio of distinctive brands and approximately 260,000 team members worldwide. Members benefit from the company’s comprehensive loyalty program – ALL – Accor Live Limitless – a daily lifestyle companion that provides access to a wide variety of rewards, services and experiences. Through its Planet 21 – Acting Here, Accor Solidarity, RiiSE and ALL Heartist Fund initiatives, the Group is focused on driving positive action through business ethics, responsible tourism, environmental sustainability, community engagement, diversity and inclusivity. Founded in 1967, Accor SA is headquartered in France and publicly listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (ISIN code: FR0000120404) and on the OTC Market (Ticker: ACCYY) in the United States. For more information visit, or follow Accor on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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