Trevor Jacob sucked back into his airplane, lands safely after engine restarts

When it was posted on YouTube last Christmas Eve, pilots who love critiquing other pilots called it the gift that keeps on giving: A video showing Olympian snowboarder Trevor Jacob bailing from his plane after an engine stall and parachuting into the Los Padres National Forest.

But now, with a new video emerging, it looks like the superpilot who originally posted it is having the last Ho-Ho-Ho.

The video, shared exclusively with on April 1 by a high-ranking source within the NSTB, shows the other side of the story: Trevor Jacob uncrashing his plane, getting sucked back into it, restarting the engine and safely landing.

We asked Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a CFI at the School of Hard Landings, to review the video for us.

“I already knew it was true,” he told us before watching the newly unearthed footage. “I saw it on TikTok.”

Mitchell agreed that Trevor Jacob handled the situation perfectly.

“Instead of offering flight lessons, we are just going to have our student pilots watch this video now,” he said. “Obviously, it covers everything you need to know about flying.”

While Mitchell was impressed with Jacob’s skilled piloting, he was even more impressed by how Jacob survived while on terra firma.

“I mean he spent days in the wilderness!” Mitchell exclaimed. “He had to be starving for more YouTube views.”

While the discovery of the new footage is a milestone for aviation history, it was not welcome news for everyone.

Former air traffic controller Steve McCroskey had spent the past three months trying to decode the truth about the Trevor Jacob incident, but he had recently given up.

“Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit my job,” he said.

(The information in this post is so unbelievable, we had to break this story on April 1.)

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