Pokémon Go trainers who use Amazon Prime can snag some bonus items – TechCrunch

Let’s say we have a venn diagram with two circles: Pokémon Go players and Amazon Prime members. If you fall in the middle, congrats! Here’s 30 pokéballs.

Niantic’s flagship Pokémon Go app has partnered with Prime Gaming and Prime Student to release bonus item bundles every two weeks. Starting today, Amazon Prime subscribers can visit Prime Gaming’s Pokémon Go page to claim this fortnight’s bonus. Once you log in to Prime, you’ll get a code, which you can redeem on Niantic’s rewards page. Soon, your items should appear in the game.

This is far from the first time that Pokémon Go has partnered with large businesses — they’ve run promotions with brands like Starbucks, T-Mobile, Sprint and more in the past.

If we make the middle of our venn diagram even smaller by adding a circle of “people who attend Seattle University or a few of the UCs,” then cool, you can also grab some swag on Saturday during the global, in-game May Community Day event, which features Alolan Geodude. If not, happy pokéballs!

P.S.: Speaking of things that you get for free via Prime Gaming, did you know that you get a free Twitch subscription once per month? So, if you want to rebel against the tyranny of ubiquitous, union-busting e-commerce by giving your favorite streamer a few bucks, jump on that.

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