IADA matches Mente Group pledge to Ukrainian refugee support

Ukrainian mother and child at the Ukrainian border February 27, 2022, Photo courtesy of Livada.org

Brian Proctor, CEO of Mente Group and Four Corners Aviation, has pledged $10,000 to a Romanian orphanage that is also providing support to Ukrainian Refugees. The philanthropic foundation of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) is matching that gift.

Proctor reached out to fellow IADA members asking for their support, raising over $100,000 to date to support the orphanage.

“The IADA Foundation and Board of Directors salute Brian’s leadership in extending humanitarian aid to those beleaguered by the war in the Ukraine,” said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. “We are proud to follow his example in words and actions to help unfortunate refugees, whose lives are impacted by the horrors of war.”

According to the orphanage, all of their open facilities are being used to house orphans and displaced families from Ukraine. All funds donated will go towards the efforts to feed, shelter, and assist Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

“Like most of my colleagues in the aviation industry, I’ve wanted to find a way to provide meaningful support to those most affected by the war in Ukraine,” said Proctor. “Several years ago, I met a couple who had served in Romania as missionaries. While there, they learned of an immense need to support orphans in the country, which led them to open a small orphanage, Livada Orphan Care. Today, that orphanage is not only serving its intended purpose, but is also caring for over 100 Ukrainian refugees, and the numbers are growing.”

Proctor noted that the increase in refugees is putting a significant strain on the organization and its resources.

“We are honored to provide support and I am very grateful to the IADA Foundation for agreeing to match that gift,” said Proctor. “I’m also heartened by the generosity of other IADA members and their desire to support this worthwhile effort.”

To learn more about the effort to help Ukrainian refugees in Romania, visit https://livada.org/livada-blog/. 

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