Global Jet reflects on successful 2021 despite challenges

Despite the challenges facing businesses and sectors, it’s been one of the most active few years for Global Jet both with charter and aircraft sales.

Global Jet was excited to announce in Summer 2021 the launch of their brand-new website in four different languages. it has been designed with a modern and new look with more functionalities and with more interactivities. The Charter & Brokerage side of the company has been highlighted through the website and gives the users the opportunity to request charter quotes online.

All Global Jet services are highlighted in an intuitive way, where end-users can easily understand the philosophy, high standards and activities behind the business.

Charter & Brokerage

Since the summer 2021, Global jet has seen positive growth, and witnessed an important increase in flight demand and overall bookings. The charter & brokerage offices; Paris, Monaco, Madrid, and Geneva saw their activity & revenues increase. This exponential growth in charter & brokerage business was related to a few factors such as the new website and the new segment of customers emerged following the pandemic searching for more safety & flexibility. 

Global Jet’s aim to continuously innovate and evolve in order to step up regarding the market and their competitors led them to implement a new web-cloud-based aviation software called Leon. A tailored software solution that is the perfect match to ensure the highest level of safety, quality, and service for their customers while integrating customized and automated solutions. This software adapted to Global Jet’s complex organisation and also fitted the scheduling needs that were set enabling all teams to gain efficiency and to support flight operations and scheduling. The new technology provided by Leon Software is expected to replace a number of solutions that were used by different departments, further improving the quality of the experience Global Jet provides.

From today onwards the Global Jet offices, world-wide, have one charter sales platform. This tool streamlines and centralizes into one process the tasks from the different departments involved in booking and executing a flight. This allows the teams to process flight requests and answer questions swiftly with a high level of accuracy. All the offices have direct access to all the flights. This new program enables the sales, crews, and operation teams to be even more reactive towards their clients and by always finding them the best solution regarding their needs. Same can be said about the owner’s access. Clients will also have access to the tool to monitor the state of their flights or flight requests, avoiding the need to wait for an answer. This new software is a significant added value for the company.

With the onboarding process already successfully concluded, the development agenda for upcoming implementations will be continued soon, enhancing the partnership between the two companies to an even greater extent.

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Building on Global Jet’s reputation as the ‘off market’ specialist, many sales were concluded before the aircraft reached to market. These were aircraft either within the Global Jet aircraft managed fleet or owners that wanted to take advantage of Global Jet’s proprietary network of direct buyers, via the 10 offices across the world. This was a year of ‘relationships’ with a reputation based on performance and trust spanning 22-years, Global Jet were the ‘go to guys’ to get sales completed discreetly and at the highest price.

Just to mention a few transactions in 2021, Global jet successfully concluded sales on a Falcon 7X, two Global 6000, Gulfstream 450, Falcon 2000LX, Legacy 650 and an ACj318 ELITE.

Moreover, Global Jet was also appointed as the sales broker for a remarkable Airbus ACJ318 ELITE. The aircraft was designed in a VIP configuration in three zones including a dining and private office area and can accommodate up to 19 passengers. The aircraft was manufactured in 2010 and entered into service in 2011 following completion. Thanks to its exceptional extended range, this is an excellent opportunity for a specific market segment that travels in a big group.

Finally, Global Jet is diligently working on several aircraft sales mandates including off-market ones such as a Legacy 650 and two Gulfstream 550.

Aircraft Management

A world renowned and trusted brand for more than two decades, privately owned by its founders, Global Jet manages around 70 aircraft in private and commercial capacities for international corporations, financial institutions, and high net worth families and individuals. As well as being one of the largest operators in the world, Global Jet also operates one of the most diverse fleets, with more than 35 unique aircraft types from established manufacturers. Additionally, they are proud to announce that there are one of the largest Gulfstream 650 operators in the aviation industry.

Today, Global Jet is synonymous with superior quality, total transparency, more innovative technologies, sustainable solutions, professionalism and “going-that-extra-mile” commitment to client satisfaction while taking into consideration the environment.

Over the years, Global Jet has been a pioneer in developing internal software’s, reporting application based on the feedback and requirements of their clients. These electronic document management software’s means flight crew can enjoy paperless flight operations while supporting latest digital technologies such as a digital operational flight plans, electronic enroute and approach charts, electronic performance tools allowing to compute the loading and the performance of the aircraft on the intended route, live worldwide weather used to proactively identify and avoid severe weather and reroute as necessary.

All these new innovative and digital tools will improve efficiency, enhance passenger safety and comfort, increase higher on-schedule reliability, will reduce operating cost, and ultimately environmental impact.

Global Jet is constantly introspecting and taking care of their client’s assets and proposes sustainable solutions to their clients to protect the environment including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), carbon emission rights acquisitions, and contributing voluntarily to offsetting programs allowing clients the possibility to personalise their contribution to the well-being of our environment.

Finally, during mid-2021, Global Jet was pleased to welcome William Roux as Aircraft Management Director. With 8 years of business experience and aircraft expertise and a global network, he has built a brilliant career in the aviation industry where his last position was Client Relationship Manager. William and his sterling reputation make him uniquely equipped to take over this position, to serve this dynamic and demanding market.

Design & Completion

2021 was an exciting year for Global Jet with two successful VVIP widebody completion deliveries including A VVIP A320, and the most VVIP Boeing 787-8 ever delivered so far and both successful projects were completed by Jet Aviation completion centre in Basel.

Another milestone for Global Jet as they completed and delivered the second VVIP Boeing 787-8 within less than 12 months. This innovative & iconic wide body under supervision of Global Jet has been designed with exquisite refinement by Rémi Tessier. The completion phase of this one-of-a-kind Boeing 787, certainly one of the most challenging aircraft ever built, started in October 2019, and was performed at Jet Aviation Completion Centre in Switzerland. The aircraft was successfully delivered to the client on time with the best quality. The Boeing 787-8 is equipped with the highest and newest cabin technologies. Finally, two of the main highlights of this remarkable aircraft are its low cabin acoustic level and its low weight.

Following this stimulating year in 2021, Global Jet has been awarded for a new outstanding project; the completion supervision of a unique Boeing 737 Max 8.

Once again, Global Jet confirms its leading position in the niche market of wide body completion management projects thanks to their strong experience.

The Global Jet difference starts with the three founders, directly involved day to day transmitting a philosophy, which hasn’t changed over the past 22 years: “Build long term relationships by offering best in class service, complete transparency, with no hidden costs and asset protection”.

Global Jet invites you to experience the difference when it comes to Aircraft Management, Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions, Charter & Brokerage or Design & Completion.


Name: Margo De Kalbermatten
, Marketing Manager
Company: Global Jet   


Phone: +41 22 939 3087

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